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Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, advertise about new products or sales, or want to make sure that your brand is always on the top of your customer’s mind, it is crucial to get creative and provide eye-catching indoor and outdoor signage. Signage helps you attract prospects, thereby increasing your storefront traffic and aids in converting them into customers. And this is what we do the best.

We breathe new life into your national signage branding through turnkey signage solutions, innovative brand elements, and program management support services.

Sign Branding Implementation

We ensure your brand values are represented from design to installation.

Signs & Brand Elements

We install and maintain brand elements using the latest technology and materials.

National Sign Program Management

We take care of everything from site surveys to vendor management.

Sign Repair & Maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance and repair services.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, advertise about new products or sales, or want to make sure that your brand is always on the top of your customer’s mind, it is crucial to get creative and provide eye-catching indoor and outdoor signage. Signage helps you attract prospects, thereby increasing your storefront traffic and aids in converting them into customers. And this is what we do the best.

We breathe new life into your national signage branding through turnkey signage solutions, innovative brand elements, and program management support services.

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More Than a National Signage Company —We Can Provide All Your Signage Requirements

APX – Apex Pinnacle Services has become synonymous with dependability and quality you can count on. Our goal is to make the signage impactful, memorable, and a beacon to attract people to your business. To make this possible, we provide you with end-to-end solutions.

We provide full services from sign graphic design to engineering, sign manufacturing, sign installation, and service. Thus, you don’t have to go to different national signage companies, avoiding the hassle and stress associated with building signage.

We can provide virtually any type of signage you may require:

Illuminated Building Signs

Premium quality and careful consideration exude from our illuminated exterior building signs, continuing to grab people’s attention after the sun goes down.

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Non-Illuminated Building Signs

We can capture the simplicity and timelessness of non-illuminated exterior building signs, making a statement as they grace walls, pillars, or storefronts.

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Neon Signs

The luminescence and bright dazzle of neon signs have made a comeback. We find the perfect way to capture your brand’s personality in the neon brightness.

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Pylon Signs

Whether you need single-sided or double-sided pylon exterior signs, we have the team, tools, and skills to make it happen.

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Blade (Projecting) Signs

Making your business easier to recognize, we can assist you in designing and engineering blade signs that make you stand out from the rest.

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Exterior Video Boards

Video signage, a norm of the modern marketing world, makes a big impact. At APX, we begin with your vision and transform it into unforgettable experiences for viewers.

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Channel Letter Signs

Utilizing the best of our engineering capabilities, we create impactful and dynamic channel lettering signs that perfectly capture your brand image.

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Sculpted Signs

This is where you and our designers’ creativity can come to the fore. There is no sign that tells your story quite like a sculpted one.

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Buildings Wraps & Banners, Pole Banners

Our expertise in customized building wraps and pole banners is second to none. These signage options are convenient and cost-effective for most businesses.

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Wayfinding & Destination Signage

Whether yours is a local supermarket, small grocer, medical facility, or a multi-workspace shared office building, wayfinding destination signage in Cleveland, Ohio is crucial. You want to make sure that visitors can actually find your location.

We design destination signage consistent with your brand image that also meets your budgetary, functional and design needs.

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ADA Signs

The American Disability Act has been pivotal in making work spaces and public places more accessible to people with disabilities. APX is well-versed in ADA standards and makes sure the interior building signage created is ADA compliant.

Whether you need braille, raised lettering, or different font sizes to makes signs readable for people with visual impairments, we can help make your clients’ lives much easier.

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Dimensional Letters and Logos

APX can get pretty creative with their interior building signs in Cleveland, Ohio. Dimensional letters and logos allow us to carry your strong brand image indoors, making sure visitors know what and who your business is.

Acrylics, LED lighting, neon lighting, brushed metals and various other materials are used to fabricate one of a kind signage.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics, whether creative decals representing various elements of your brands or simple logo displays, are a great way to spruce up your business’s storefront without denting your budget. APX can create custom window graphics that promote your brand and add an aesthetic element to your location.

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Interior Video Displays

APX’s interior video displays help your business redefine the physical space. Whether you just want to display your branding imagery or go for something a little more exciting, we can help you create spaces with seamless signage designing, fabrication and installation.

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Environmental Graphics

If you want to take your interior building signage to the next level, APX can create environmental graphics that give your visitors, employees, and guests a branding experience. They connect the physical space of your office with the brand, giving people a vivid glimpse of your business’s personality.

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We have the experience, expertise, and creative genes to create all types of signs of all scope and sizes. No signage design or building project is too big or complicated for us. From interior to exterior signage design, you can depend on us!

Tailored Signage to Your Needs —Your Brand is Unique, Your Sign Should be Too

Serving for almost a 100 years, we know that cookie-cutter national signage is less than perfect. Your brand is unique and your sign should be too. We provide customized sign solutions that help it stand out and get noticed. And this is precisely what we offer.

We provide tailored signage services according to your campaign needs, branding goals, and requirements. Our team makes sure that the signage we build and install for your business is well-aligned with your brand image and personality, plus they do exactly what is intended to attract business. This is easily reflected in our client-focused work approach.

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Client-Focused Signage Approach—You Guide. We Deliver.

At APX – Apex Pinnacle Services, we are a client-focused national signage company. Unlike other national signage companies, we will not impose what we think will work for you—that’s not how we do business. We believe that nobody understands your business and brand better than you. Therefore, we first develop a solid understanding of your business by listening and learning what you want.

Once we are clear about your needs and requirements, our multi-faceted and highly-professional team custom-design signage per your branding guidelines for your business. As a trusted national signage company, we always keep our clients well informed of our progress and communicate with updates for your input, evaluation, and approval in every phase of our process. Your signage project is our priority, whether local or national. We are always prompt and courteous in replying to your questions and concerns to exceed your expectations.

Once we have your approval for the signs, we carefully and meticulously manufacture your signs for your locations and provide essential support for quick delivery and installation.

We Work as a Sign Branding Extension of Your Business Team

We help business owners across nationwide attract more clients, build their brand, and grow their business.

Our team works with you like trusted partners ensuring that designs are built to perfection, manufactured with precision, and installed to standard.

We proactively maintain signs to keep your branding at peak visual performance over its life and keep attracting customers even after facing the brunt of weather elements.

In terms of manufacturing, our manufacturers are UL certified. They have gone through an extensive qualification process, making it through our APX partner network. Similarly, our installers are certified and insured.

Moreover, to ensure a successful and stress-free installation, we make sure that all permits are approved, all drawings are submitted, and the site is prepped up. You can be confident that we will install your signage promptly without any delays.

Highest Quality Signs and Superior Customer Experience

At APX, we are not only in the business for just improving our financial bottom-line, but also our customer base. We strive to build trust-based long-lasting client relationships, which is evident from the way we serve and work.

When you entrust us to design and build your brand message, we guarantee to deliver you the highest quality. We provide you with unparalleled quality signage and services—giving you a superior customer experience from start to finish so that we become your partner of choice today, tomorrow, and every time you want to get signage.

What we are best at

Our Process

We have lift off

Our sign launch process for success

Site Survey & Consulting

Our site survey gathers information for proper placement of signage, best suited design and for proposal to meet and exceed your signage project goals.

We guide you thru the process of design, permitting, installation, electrical requirements and service work, we stay in constant contact with you throughout all phases of our process.
Local Zoning Ordinances & Code Research

Best practices stipulate you should always check zoning laws, there may be restrictions on what you can do to the building’s exterior.
Signage Artwork Design

Ready to get noticed and attract customers to your business? Our fully staff design team stands ready to assist no matter what phase of the sign design process, to ensure a perfect sign that highlights your branding goals.

We provide a digital file of sign artwork for all parties involved to review. We adjust signage design for approval by the stake holders involved.
Signage Estimate & Contract

Our project estimate and contract includes a detailed description of the activities involved for your building sign project.
Local Permits & Variance

Permits usually require administrative approval and design approval. To receive a variance, we need to provide a justifiable reason to receive the variance. Our professional staff will be there every step of the way.
Construction of Signage

Combining experienced graphic design and structural design, our teams engineer and build quality signs that catch the eye and pass the test of time.
Timely Installation

We will commence with project management and coordination to meet your project requirements installation needs.
Professional Support Staff

We rely on the varied and valuable experience, background, and skills of our professional staff to support our strategic goals and to ensure the success of every project.
Preventative Maintenance & Service

Anytime you need us, day or night, there’s always a courteous, trained APX service specialist who’s just a phone call away.
24/7 Emergency Service

Our 24-hour Service Hotline is there when storms or other unforeseen emergencies strike. Emergency sign service to keep your signs safe and operational.
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