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Sustainability | APX - Apex Pinnacle Services


As a business, we at APX, believe that it is our social responsibility to invest in R&D and new technologies that contribute to a green and sustainable future. We are thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking team leading the charge towards creating high-quality and eco-friendly signage solutions. Although the industry that we work in can’t help building owners directly earn LEED certifications, we can play our part to help you earn LEED points. We strive to lower carbon footprints and the environmental impact of signage projects. The two cornerstones that connect all of our products are:


All signage solutions that we create are modular. This ensures Changeable message options on signage products for customer friendly updating. Moreover, it supports signage longevity and flexibility in a changing and dynamic building environment while ensuring that no material is discarded or disposed of as waste.

Made in the US

All signage products sold by APX are made in the US. This helps us avoid importing components from Asia or Europe that otherwise may involve a high level of energy, transportation, fuel, and pollution than systems that are designed and manufactured locally.

Working towards Building a Green and Sustainable Future

Our Environmental Policy

At APX, we are happy to play our role in the green building movement. We continue to promote initiatives that strive for a cleaner, healthier, and a better environment. Our team ensures excellence in every sign project by using innovative technologies from start to finish and leveraging on our unmatched expertise in LED illumination and LEED compliant signs. In addition to this, as a company, we will continue to operate and manage our business processes and products as highly responsible conservationists and environmental stewards. We intent on keeping to the integrity of our signage products and to the social responsibility necessary to go green and protect the natural resources of the community in which we live.

At APX, we take pride in incorporating sustainable sign materials, and products that not just benefit our business but our clients and their bottom-line. More importantly, our products contribute to the long-term vitality and health of our environment.