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Leave Lasting, Big-Picture Impressions With Environmental Graphics in Cleveland, Ohio

Brand image is what human faces are – representative of who you are. There are endless possibilities of how you can make sure the best side of your business’s face or brand is shown to people, grabbing their attention and compelling them to remember your name. One way you can integrate the elements of your branding strategy into your business is signage. Three-generations-long experience has culminated in creating what is considered one of the leading signage-making companies in Northeast Ohio. APX | Apex Pinnacle Services have helped many businesses find the perfect solution to their signage needs. In addition to neon, pylon, ADA, blade signs and more, APX has also established its expertise in creating environmental graphics in Northeast Ohio.

Our environmental graphic design solutions allow us to take your branding efforts to a new level. Combining eye-catching designs and strong branding message, APX adds value to your overall branding strategy, gaining you more foot traffic and eventually improving your business’s bottom line.

Bring Your Retail or Office Space to Life With Impactful Environmental Designs
DNA Analysis infographic at the Crime & Punishment Museum in Washington, DC

DNA Analysis

Toxicology wall graphic at the Crime & Punishment Museum in Washington, DC


Elliot Ness presentation at the Crime & Punishment Museum in Washington, DC

Elliot Ness

Overview wall graphic at the Crime & Punishment Museum in Washington, DC

Crime & Punishment Museum

A Wide Range of Environmental Graphic Solutions in Cleveland, Ohio

APX uses environmental graphics as a way to create experiences rather than just impressions. Considering the scale these graphics are featured on, they can be made immersive and dynamic to ensure visitors and other audience interact with your branding in a unique way. Also, environmental graphics are great for making people turn their heads. Armed with state-of-the-art tools, expertly honed skills, and high-quality fabrication materials, our team can help you with a wide range of signage needs. Once we have a clear picture of your brand image, we continue mind-mapping a cohesive solution. There is a wide range of environmental graphics solutions. APEX can help you enforce your brand in your location with the help of strong place-making and identity signage, wayfinding systems, exhibition design, and interactive experiences.

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We Create an Integrated Immersive Experience For Our Northeast Ohio Clients

Our capabilities allow us to integrate different elements of display, décor and signage to create an overall immersive experience. Interior digital displays, illuminated logo signage and neon signage, etc. along with painting walls and matching the furniture and decorative items create a strong brand image.

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From designing environmental graphics to creating & fabricating the signage and mounting it strategically, the aim is to optimize your branding experience, effortlessly giving people a sense of your business from the moment they walk into your space.

What we are best at

Our Process

We have lift off

Our sign launch process for success

Site Survey & Consulting

Our site survey gathers information for proper placement of signage, best suited design and for proposal to meet and exceed your signage project goals.

We guide you thru the process of design, permitting, installation, electrical requirements and service work, we stay in constant contact with you throughout all phases of our process.
Local Zoning Ordinances & Code Research

Best practices stipulate you should always check zoning laws, there may be restrictions on what you can do to the building’s exterior.
Signage Artwork Design

Ready to get noticed and attract customers to your business? Our fully staff design team stands ready to assist no matter what phase of the sign design process, to ensure a perfect sign that highlights your branding goals.

We provide a digital file of sign artwork for all parties involved to review. We adjust signage design for approval by the stake holders involved.
Signage Estimate & Contract

Our project estimate and contract includes a detailed description of the activities involved for your building sign project.
Local Permits & Variance

Permits usually require administrative approval and design approval. To receive a variance, we need to provide a justifiable reason to receive the variance. Our professional staff will be there every step of the way.
Construction of Signage

Combining experienced graphic design and structural design, our teams engineer and build quality signs that catch the eye and pass the test of time.
Timely Installation

We will commence with project management and coordination to meet your project requirements installation needs.
Professional Support Staff

We rely on the varied and valuable experience, background, and skills of our professional staff to support our strategic goals and to ensure the success of every project.
Preventative Maintenance & Service

Anytime you need us, day or night, there’s always a courteous, trained APX service specialist who’s just a phone call away.
24/7 Emergency Service

Our 24-hour Service Hotline is there when storms or other unforeseen emergencies strike. Emergency sign service to keep your signs safe and operational.
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